KOMIREX Sp.j. with the seat in Siemiatycze has been on the market since 1990.

Our company is engaged in the processing of forest undergrowth, freezing, drying and pickling of mushrooms, freezing berries and production of preserves. Above all, we specialize in the freezing of mushrooms, blueberries and cranberries and bilberries in modern technology using liquid nitrogen. The production plant is also equipped with electronic lines for sorting and packing of frozen fruit and mushrooms. Annually, the company processes more than 2,500 tons of mushrooms and 3,000 tons of fruit from clean areas of Poland.

The products we offer are niche products, but the highest quality and a wide assortment ensure our partners the sale throughout the year. Thanks to unlimited transport, storing, processing and financial capacity we constantly expand our resource base, and we get more and more both suppliers and customers.

Today KOMIREX Sp.j. is a leader in the field of frozen forest undergrowth - frozen mushrooms and berries in the domestic and European market and a leading producer of pickled and dried mushrooms, as well as a major supplier to the catering industry.

We produce respecting the principles of good manufacturing practice - GMP, good hygiene practices - GHP and provisions on health conditions of food and nutrition with a view to safety, legality and liability to the Customer.

We strive to obtain the highest quality products through continuous improvement of HACCP system based on Codex Alimentarius - and improving standards, in order to meet current and future customer needs.

We invite you to cooperate with us!